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Robert (Bob) Tarzwell

One of the most amazing things I have seen Robert Tarzwell do, and there are many, is the day he told the owner of a twenty million dollar board shop that he could take a walk through his shop and come up with savings of at least half a million dollars. The owner took him up on his challenge, Bob walked through the shop and came up with a list of things the owner could do to save money; all in about an hour’s time frame. A few months later when I was again talking to that owner I asked him if he had ever followed any Bob’s suggestions from the walk that day. “Oh yes,’ he answered with enthusiasm, “we took all of them and the only thing he was wrong about was that we actually are realizing savings larger than he predicted.”

Bob Tarzwell is truly one of the Printed Circuit Board industry’s technology guru’s. With his grasp of today’s technology and his insight into the technologies of tomorrow he is the real “go-to” person for anyone who is looking for the right direction to take their company. Bob has that unique ability to take very complicated problems and come up with elegant and seemingly simple solutions. Whether you are talking about learning how to produce the absolutely best four layer board in the most cost efficient way possible, or talking about fabricating a circuit board with one mil lines and spacing Bob is literally the only person in the industry that I know of who can get it done.

Not being technical myself, Bob is the person I go to when I am working with a client who has a new technology and I need it explained to me. Bob will talk to the client for me and then come back and then explain the technology in way that makes it so clear to me that I not only understand it but then can proceed to do my job of helping the client sell it. There are not many people who can do that.

As An Wang once said The true sign of a genius is someone who can take something very complicated and make it simple enough for everyone to understand. And this surely applies to Bob Tarzwell.

Dan Beaulieu
D.B.Management Group L.L.C.

Daniel B. Beaulieu

Dan Beaulieu has over 30 years experience in the printed circuit board industry. He is considered one of the industry’s top marketing and sales experts, as well as perhaps the strongest and most focused strategist in the industry.

Before co-founding D.B.Management Group he served as the top sales executive in three major printed circuit board fabrication companies; Maine Electronics, General Circuits and Automated Systems Inc.

Mr. Beaulieu is also a well-known industry writer and columnist writing sales and marketing columns in Circuitree , Printed Circuit Design and Manufacture, U.S. Tech and Printed Circuit News. He is also a writer of feature articles about various board shops and how they perform in the industry. He is always available for working with clients on their marketing communications and image literature needs.

Since co-founding D.B.Management Group, Mr. Beaulieu has worked personally with numerous board shops including: Photocircuits, Prototron, Rockwell Collins, IBIDEN, Circuit Images, RBP Chemical, Taiyo- America and many others.

His specialty is helping companies increase their sales through the use of sales strategies and tactics, niche definition, marketing communications plans and managing, measuring and motivating sales forces. Having worked with independent sales reps for many years, Mr. Beaulieu is particularly well suited for helping companies develop successful and profitable relationships with their reps.

Mr. Beaulieu is a member of Sales and Marketing Executives of America and both a Certified Marketing Executive (CME) and a Certified Sales Executive (CSE).

Mr. Beaulieu is particularly interested in and completely dedicated to helping board shops enhance their professional and technical image through sales and marketing. He feels that. “Most companies in our industry have a sales and marketing executive that really spends 99.9% of his time on sales and .1% of his time on marketing, I consider it my job to fix that. Until we are completely dedicated to the concept of marketing ourselves, we will remain a second tier industry.”

Steven Williams

Steve Williams has over 35 years of experience in the electronics industry, having gained prominence and recognition as an industry authority on manufacturing, lean and management over the course of his career. He is currently Director of Quality for MPE Inc., and President of Steve Williams Consulting. Mr. Williams has held senior management positions including strategic sourcing, operations, engineering, quality and organizational excellence. He holds a BA in Organizational Management from Concordia University and an MBA from Cardinal Stritch University.

Mr. Williams is a distinguished faculty member at several major universities, teaching both graduate and undergraduate business courses, and has developed his own course curriculum on Lean Sigma for the MBA program. His areas of expertise include lean sigma, quality, operations management, organizational behavior, management & leadership, international business and supply chain management. Steve has authored books on Lean and Quality, published more than 100 business articles, and is a columnist for The PCB Magazine at iConnect007.