Surviving a Hurricane


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Written for Florida and the Bahamas but applicable anywhere hurricanes threaten.

Provides information on planning ahead, as well as what to do during and after the storm. By planning ahead, you minimize the dangers and reduce the discomfort as well as reduce the length of time to recover.

Robert Tarzwell currently lives on Grand Bahama Island. He has volunteered for Bahamas Red Cross, was an assistant manager and coordinator of the Red Cross medical FAST teams, which respond to medical emergencies and is a trained Red Cross shelter manager. He is an active board member of BASRA, Bahamas Air Sea Rescue Association, and a medical training and safety officer. Robert is regularly seen out on the rescue boat assisting people in trouble.

Robert has first-hand experience in disaster survival. He and his wife rode out 15 days in Ottawa, Canada with no electrical power and limited supplies, during a major ice storm where the outside temperature was a very cold –25º C. As well, he has survived two major hurricanes in Texas and in the Bahamas. He and his family also survived a tropical storm in Florida in a motor home.

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