The First Time Ever: Very advanced, secret, printed circuit technology is being offered for sale. Robert Tarzwell, a well known printed circuit inventor, has created and perfected the following advanced technologies over the last twenty years which are now offered for sale. The purchase of the product technology is for the permission for your company to manufacture the technology as printed circuits without limits or commissions, but not for the right to sell or transfer the technology to a third party.

Robert Tarzwell has completed a 5 year technology transfer at a large PCB company and is now selling his advanced X Series printed circuit products to the general PCB market.

The new X Series technology is now available. You can quickly implement the X Series to add dollars to your profit margin. Most of the smaller technologies have a short three week time to market. No waiting years for research and development to find a new product, with unknown sales potential. The price is set low to enable you a pay back in just a few orders. Robert Tarzwell and Dan Beaulieu are available for technical and sales consulting at a normal rate.

This unbelievable offer is not to be taken lightly. Never again will so much quick to market, new, advanced printed circuit technology be offered. This X series technology is not just for PCB manufacturers but board designers and product manufacturers as well. If your company is looking to venture into the HDI area, when you buy the Xtreme HDI Circuitry package you not only understand the manufacturing portion but you get design for manufacturing information as well as technical specification so your first try at HDI is a successful one.

Each technology is priced to create a payback within a few sales. The cost to implement this advanced circuitry is minimal when compared to the initial cost to invent, perform the R&D and create a sellable product. The technologies have been well tested and the production aspects sorted out so your company can implement and start sales of many of the products within weeks. Multiple production possibilities are covered to better suit your company’s equipment list and present manufacturing abilities. To make sure that you are successful, consulting in your facility, email question and answer sessions and telephone technical assistance is available with Robert and Dan at a standard consulting fee rate.

these PDF ebook will be downloadable after payment.