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Senior citizens aged 91 and 75 create a rap music video and it’s honestly a bop

Old friends Maury Martin, 91, and Frank South, 75, are gaining a cult following since their rap debut.

They’ve become an unlikely hit and use their lyrics to describe the everyday details of life as senior citizens.

Their expletive-ridden songs, combined with a catchy beat, have clocked up millions of YouTube hits.

And the duo say age is no barrier and feel rap is a natural fit for their voices and talents.

They were discovered by British music producer Steve Barnes at a Dunkin Donuts store while they were riffing together.

Frank, from Queens, New York explained: ‘Back in my younger days I was a musician, then I got busy, started a business and raised a family.

‘Last year I had oral cancer and I had to have radiation. After that I thought I’d like to do something to take my mind off the situation.’

Frank adds that Maury is the wordsmith between the pair and that, combined with their experiences of rap through the ages, make them quite the duo.

Maury had a slightly different answer as to why they decided to pursue rap instead of another genre.

‘It’s because we can’t sing normal music and make it sound good,’ he said.

‘Rap is natural to us. Singing a ballad or a love song isn’t going to suit our voices. We’re singing what’s best for our abilities.’

He adds that he had to research modern slang to get the hit right.

While both retirees have the desire to become global rap superstars, the path there wasn’t necessarily clear at first.

‘We didn’t have the technical abilities [to produce music],’ added Frank.

‘If it weren’t for Steve we wouldn’t have gotten it off the ground.’

Neither Frank nor Maury predicted the success they have achieved after only a few months.

‘It just amazes me and Maury,’ Frank said.

‘Although we’re astute electronically and digitally, we’re older. How we got five million viewers, I don’t know.

‘I read some of the comments and I’m pretty astounded. They’re pretty nice about the whole thing.’

‘I am frankly, amazed,’ added Maury.

‘I’m amazed that two old guys doing what we do, although we do it with some class, have gotten this many views. My grandkids love it.

‘No matter what happens or where you are in life, do something fun.’